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Travelling to Uruguay and saving money

Updated: Oct 28, 2018

Some tips to save you money

Uruguay discount taxes

OK, Uruguay is not the cheapest country to visit in South America. Here you'll read some hacks to cut on your budget

Pay with your credit card

Pay with your credit card and recieve an 18% discount at restaurants, hotels and car rental

Tax refund on Car rentals

Uruguay extended its benefits for foreign travellers for another year (2018-2019)

Yes, just pay with your credit card at a restaurant in Uruguay and you will see an 18% discount on the bill. The government is promoting tourism, so this will help you cutting on your budget in Uruguay.

This also accounts for car rentals and stays at bigger hotel chains. In mid- and low season this will definitely help you cut on your budget! Keep in mind that the car rental company will put a deposit of 1500 USD on your credit card. So take another on with you or extend your funds. But hey, you can rent a car in Uruguay in off season for about 20 USD a day! Check www.puntacars.com.uy for good service and good prices for your car rental in Uruguay. Happy travels!


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