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Getting money out of the ATM in Uruguay

Updated: Oct 28, 2018

Getting money out of the ATM in Uruguay can be a bit harsh. Sometimes they don't work, sometimes they run out of money and the other day it's just an Uruguayan day. How to get money out of the ATM in Uruguay while travelling? Some tips and tricks.

First and foremost: Uruguay changed a lot the last years. So don't trust on your travel guide. It's probably outdated. Nowadays credit cards are widely accepted. Even in the smallest villages they do accept credit cards. So bring you credit card and swipe it. As I wrote in an earlier post, you will get an 18% discount when you pay at restaurants and hotels.


The ATM's of the Banco Republico Oriental de Uruguay- known as 'cajeros del BROU' are in every city AND small village throughout the country available. Other ATM's only in Montevideo or bigger cities (Punta del Este, Maldonado, Rocha ) But..................

-> They might not dispatch USD outside office hours

-> They do not function correctly when you choose 'English' as operational language for the machine.

Here's how to do it:

1. Choose Spanish as operational language of the ATM

2. Choose 'Extraccion'

3. Choose 'cuenta corriente en USD'

4. Choose 'dollars' or pesos

5. Choose the amount - usually you are not allowed to cash more than 150 USD/ 5000 pesos

6. You'll see a message that the bank will charge you 5 USD service fee

7. You have to accept that :)

8. Cash your money

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