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About us and our passion for Uruguay as a travel destination. 


Uruguay is one of those secret little gems as a travel destination in South America. Once we were looking a travel programme on the television and we immediately fell in love with the views and atmosphere. So that was our start to go there and travel around Uruguay to see more of this country. 

We went to the north in Tacuarembo, from there we went via the inlands to the coast. It was winter at that time, so most villages were empty and we had the beaches for ourselves. Though it was chilly cold in July, during the days there was a lot of sun. We went to Punta del Diablo, where we saw a lot of development going on. We liked it, but it was allready too much invaded by foreign investors. We still love Punta del Diablo and we recommend you surely to go there. But we wanted some more peace and quietness. 

Then we arrived in Barra de Valizas. We saw the magnificent sand dunes, the river called 'Valizas' which crosses the beach, the real atmosphere of the village with a local bar, the horses walking freely on the streets, the friendly dogs and above all the friendly people in the village. Mostly local fisher men and people happy living there a simple live. 

We returned in summer to travel again to Uruguay. The beaches were packed with tourists and there was a nice hippie atmosphere. Then we decided to stay and the vacation rental homes were the start of our lives here. 

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