The village -the full name is Barra de Valizas- is centrally located between Uruguays most remarkable tourist hotspots. You can always enjoy the beach life: the wide, white sandy beach stretches miles out. Watch this video of  Valizas & Cabo Polonio!

Next to the village, right at the beach, a lagoon makes itself excellent for swimming, fishing, sailing and canoeing.

The river flows along the amazing 10 meters high dunes which are constantly changing in shape and position.


Cabo Polonio

A former pirate village, nowadays a 'hippie' community, where artisticly decorated houses and restaurants create an idyllic atmosphere. The abscence of running water and electricity guarantees a slow pace of life. The atmosphere, the presence of a sea lion colony, and the absence of everything which is modern makes it worth visiting this little village. Though restaurants and hostels are available, tourism is restricted because the government has protected Cabo Polonio by law. No more constructions, no paved roads, and no public transport. Only some generators for the restaurants and candle light at night. Watch the stars! Amazing without the light pollution! Let's say it's magic!

How to get there:

From the main road (the bus from Montevideo stops at the access point to Cabo Polonio) you can take a 4 x 4 truck. During high season they leave every 20 minutes. A 20 minute -rough- ride through the sand dunes will get you there. You can either buy a one way or return ticket. You can also walk from Valizas to Polonio. It's a lovely trip, climbing the sand dunes gives you a spectacular view! Bring water!


National Ombues Park

Another highlight is the national park "Bosques the Ombues. This park is easy accesible by public transport, and is about 5 kilometers from Valizas. You can explore the park with a guide. With a boat you enter the Park to explore the last stretch on foot.

This park differs from other parks by the abundance of birds and the presence of the Ombuestree. This whimsical and very old trees with a trunk circumference of often several meters, are characterized by the sponge-like structure of wood.





La Pedrera and Punta del Diablo

These are some other nice villages at the coast of Uruguay. Both are in the same department of Rocha. La Pedrera is known for Carnaval. Punta del Diablo used to be a fishermen village like Barra de Valizas. Since tourism boomed during the last years the village has grown rapidly. Paved roads, bars and disco's a lot of hostels and restaurants give it another atmosphere right know. When you visit Punta del Diablo outside the high season, you'll still be able to enjoy the way it used to be in the earlier days. 

Palm pampas

Barra de Valizas lies on the edge of the 'palm pampas' . This environment can be explored in a relaxed way by car, motorbike or bicycle

The tens of thousands of palm trees in the region are very beautiful and can bring you some nice photos. En route you can choose from one of the many lakes to picnic or simply enjoy the view!

While exploring this region the chances might be that you spot a deer, a Ñandu (famliy of the ostrich) or many other species of birds.  You will definitely see a gaucho. Gauchos are the cowboys of the pampas and are traditionally dressed and equipped with horses, boots, cows a dog and a hat. They will always wave to you!