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Gaucho Life in Rocha

Gaucho Life in Rocha

While Valizas is famous for its coast in summer, there is another hidden attraction during spring and autumn: Gaucho life!

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Did you know that over the past years I have been helping out guests a lot, to mention a few of the things I have done for my guests and the service I can offer you


Please take in mind that there are not ATM's in Valizas. The closest place to stock up some cash in Castillos, 15 kms by car or 45 minutes by bus. During high season there is also an ATM at the entrance of the park to Cabo Polonio, but don't rely on it. The machine is often without money. If you have a credit card, Visa is nowadays widely accepted, even in the supermarket in Valizas. Gasoil at the gas stations can only be paid with Credit Card!

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